Combinatorial and Categorical Aspects of Representation Theory

Special Session, AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting 2018
San Francisco State University, October 27-28, 2018


Nicholas Davidson, University of Oklahoma
Jonathan Kujawa, University of Oklahoma
Robert Muth, Washington & Jefferson College

Talks (with links to slides):

Affine Frobenius Hecke Algebras.
Daniele Rosso*, Indiana University Northwest
Alistair Savage, University of Ottawa

Quantum Heisenberg categorification.
Alistair Savage*, University of Ottawa

Categorical Bernstein Operators.
Nicolle Gonzalez*, University of Southern California

p-DG structures in higher representation theory.
Joshua Sussan*, CUNY Medgar Evers

Traces of tensor product categories.
Michael Reeks*, University of Ottawa
Christopher Leonard, University of Virginia

Unfurling the Heisenberg category.
Jonathan Brundan*, University of Oregon

A categorification of the chromatic symmetric function.
Radmila Sazdanovic*, NC State
Martha Yip, University of Kentucky

Quasisymmetric power sums and plethysm.
Sarah Mason*, Wake Forest University
Cristina Ballantine, College of the Holy Cross
Zajj Daugherty, City University of New York
Angela Hicks, Lehigh University
Elizabeth Niese, Marshall University

Tableaux posets and the fake degrees of coinvariant algebras.
Joshua P. Swanson*, University of California, San Diego
Sara C. Billey, University of Washington
Matjaž Konvalinka, University of Ljubljana

Specht modules decompose as alternating sums of restrictions of Schur modules.
Sami H. Assaf*, University of Southern California
David E. Speyer, University of Michigan

A combinatorial description of some representations of degenerate double affine Hecke algebras of type BC_n.
Yue Zhao*, University of California, Davis

An elliptic Schur-Weyl construction of the rectangular representation of the DAHA.
David Jordan, University of Edinburgh
Monica Vazirani*, UC Davis

Quiver varieties and root multiplicities for symmetric Kac-Moody algebras.
Peter Tingley*, Loyola University Chicago

Representations of degenerate affine Brauer superalgebras.
Mee Seong Im*, United States Military Academy

Two boundary centralizer algebras for q(n).
Jieru Zhu*, University of Oklahoma/University at Buffalo

sl(∞)-modules arising from categorical action on the category O for general linear superalgebra.
Crystal Hoyt, ORT Braude College and Weizmann Institute, Israel
Ivan Penkov, Jacobs University, Bremen
Vera Serganova*, UC Berkeley

The Howe duality for the symmetric group.
Rosa C Orellana*, Dartmouth College
Mike Zabrocki, York University

Coxeter groups with finitely many elements of a-value 2.
Richard M. Green*, University of Colorado Boulder
Tianyuan Xu, Queen’s University